Information Security & Distributed Systems

Solutions for a secure and decentralised world

We have an extensive background in information security, blockchain, and system design. We perform in-depth security assessments for decentralised systems, while also researching and developing core blockchain infrastructure.


Information Security

We have an extensive history in traditional penetration testing of corporate networks, cloud infrastructure, and web/mobile applications. We are a leading provider of Ethereum smart contract security assessments.

Ethereum 2.0

Sigma Prime founded and maintains Lighthouse, an open-source implementation of the Ethereum 2.0 specification written in Rust. We are heavily involved in Ethereum 2.0 engineering and research.

Research & Development

We contribute to various open source projects and research efforts in the blockchain ecosystem. Our work has been published in several research papers and blog articles.



Paul Hauner

With over a decade in software engineering, Paul is the founder of the Lighthouse project and has made various contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. Paul currently focusses on Ethereum 2.0 engineering efforts.

Mehdi Zerouali

Coming from a traditional information security background, Mehdi has performed hundreds of security assessments targeting critical infrastructure. Mehdi conducts rigorous security testing and exploitation on behalf of our clients.

Adrian Manning

After the completion of his PhD in theoretical particle physics, Adrian honed his expertise to computer science and blockchain technology. He currently focuses on Ethereum 2.0 engineering and Sigma Prime's security testing efforts.



Lighthouse is a leading Ethereum 2.0 implementation heavily focused on speed and security. Since being founded in 2018, it has received funding from several parties including the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys, and Vitalik Buterin. Through Lighthouse, Sigma Prime helps to realise a scalable and efficient Ethereum platform.

See more at sigp/lighthouse.


Beacon Fuzz - Update #01

Sigma Prime is leading the development and maintenance of beacon-fuzz, a differential fuzzing solution for Eth2 clients.

31 December
Lighthouse Update #20

Lessons learned from the first testnet.

17 December
Dapper Ethereum Smart Contract Wallet: Security Review

This post shares publicly the details of a security assessment conducted by Sigma Prime, which targeted an Ethereum smart contract wallet developed by Dapper Labs.

9 May

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